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April 2024
Today’s Bible Verse 22.04.2024
Sing unto the LORD, O ye saints of his, and give thanks at the remembrance of his holiness. For his anger endureth but a moment; in his favour is life: weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning. — Psalm 30:4-5 (KJV)
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Living by giving

Giving shares a life 

Depriving self of the whole to keep a piece

Passing-on what the flesh yearn to retain

An act that subtract at dusk

A sacrifice rewarding at dawn


Giving spreads love

Dispersing boundless care for others

Generosity amidst personal craving

Blind to the failings of greed and egotism

Bridging boundaries of lack and plenty


Giving brings health to the body

Like a convivial alley of bliss

A soothing wind that caress the soul

Drawing strength from the lifted life of another

We power on bloated by the joy we extend


Giving is an exercise in goodness

A need creates the burden to share

Prompted by a facilitator on His throne

The giver touches a receiver

A glorious life we live when we give


                                                         -  In His grip,

                                                            Victor S. Awani


The Futility of Self

The commonality of existence was the basis of creation. The intention of God the forerunner of life is that all his creation

lives off one another. Nothing was made to subsist in seclusion. The seven days of creation reflect the endless mind of God.

The book of Genesis 1:1-28 presents the naked evidence of His plan. A timeless mind that lay bare in scriptures.


His concepts were paired and man was granted the heavenly grace to multiply. The creation of heaven and earth, day and

night, dry land and seas, man and woman…. “So God created man in His own image, in the image of God created he him;

male and female created he them…And God blessed them, and God said unto them be fruitful and multiply and replenish

the earth…”


If the heart of his maker is unlocked why then does man glory in self living within his own borders? Caged in the prison of

his mind he promotes selfishness as though his life depends on it. Withdrawn into a broken shell man trudges along

oblivious of how vulnerable he is without God’s wrap.


The needs of man are insatiable yet he strives with self and the world desperate to meet his vain desires. Miserable on

every side and mounting blocks of forlorn hope he waits endlessly for that day when his appetite will overflow

with satisfaction.


Squeezing water from stone man grapples with the effort to sojourn through life standing only on the land he owns. The

world to him is an island that should be traversed in isolation. He abhors walking the walk holding hands with others

intent on savouring the glory all by himself. Against the flow of our penny-pinching thoughts all lands are linked and

those possessed by others begin where our own ends. In life’s journey we unavoidably need ourselves; although

within lawful and moral limits.


God advances the spirit of coexistence and good neighbourliness. The Word of God in Mark 12:31 admonish us to love our

neighbour as ourselves. The concept of fairness and reciprocity as a principle of human cohesion is emphasised by Jesus

Christ in Luke 6:31 saying: “Do to others as you would have them do to you”. In Galatians 6:10 Apostle Paul wrote: “As

you therefore have opportunity let us do good to all men especially unto them who are of the household of faith”.


The all-knowing father and author of heaven and earth acknowledges our frailties and limitations as mortal beings.

It isn’t His intention that man should go the full hug alone. We weren’t created to do so and it is simply fruitless

and miserable trying to thread that path.


If self-sufficiency is measured by our earthly possession then King Solomon should have had nothing to do with his

unhappy ending. He kept a large retinue of servants – 1 Kings 11:13 also accounts that he had seven hundred wives and

three hundred concubines. Clearly he had so much going for him to last several lifetimes.

“And Solomon had forty thousand stalls of horses for his chariots, and twelve thousand horsemen… And Solomon

reigned over all kingdoms from the river unto the land of the Philistines, and unto the border of Egypt. ” I Kings 4:26 & 21


It is instructive that King Solomon in all his opulence and clout relied on servants to get by each day. Why would such a

high net-worth King need such “lowly” people? In Ecclesiastes 2:7-8 the king wrote: “I acquired male and female

servants, and had servants born in my house. Yes I had greater possessions of herds and flocks than all who were in

Jerusalem before me.”


The Bible accounts in Mark 12:41-44 of the widow who gave so little and yet gave her all. It is pertinent to reflect and

draw a lesson from this.  What is the value of the widow’s mite compared to the usually celebrated display of the high

and wealthy? The Lord has taught us among other lessons that we all count in the sequence of life. Pointedly, ninety-nine

pence isn’t one pound until one penny is added.


Self is personal and pay allegiance to its own narrow ends; greedy and lonely it is a catalyst for misery. Ready to receive

yet afraid to share with others the self-seeking lives in perpetual thirst worrying that the Atlantic Ocean will run dry.

Amidst the ceaseless flow of the river, water is despised for spittle.


In the order of Cain the selfish is canal and covetous. Deceptive, misguided and deluded he pretends to be clothed yet

naked under the glare of daylight. Foolhardiness robust and flaunted the vision of self is stunted and does not transcend

the nostrils. The length of its time is dwarfed by time itself.


The urge to satisfy a need at the expense of anything is as lethal as wickedness driven by self and greed. Ultimately

weighed down by the cry of Abel (Genesis 4:10) self is ingloriously consigned to the bottom of the Esau ladder

(Genesis 25:29-34).


Get over and live beyond yourself. To go the distance assuredly you need those who look up to you as much as those you

look up to. Man was not made for himself but that through him others will find a reason to cling on. This is the

opportunity, now is the moment; at the cessation of breath both chance and time are lost forever.

                                                                     In His grip,                        

                                                                     Victor & Jolomi Awani (22-03-2012)


Giving to receive

Still suckling, I swopped intermittently between crawling and walking

Stood on my little thin legs; quivering as I moved

A forlorn hope I thought, sustaining the quest for mobility;

until my tiny hands reached out in support to another’s tiny hand,

And together, leaning side by side we staggered along;

finding strength to go the distance.


Enrolled into what was called school; to give dad and mom a break

With crayon I scribbled everything, yet nothing made sense

Sharing my colours with Emmanuel – my classmate; call him playmate

I returned to school next day; my crayon somewhere under the sofa at home

Yet I made the day’s mess painting with crayon

Filling the gap was Emmanuel; because he shared his crayon with me.


Aged ten and spending quality time for God,

I travelled within the community with Reverend Father Donning – an Irish priest;

as an ‘altar boy’, serving at 5.30am celebration of the Eucharist mass.

The fear of God was ingrained; it found an early root in the recesses of the heart

Although the emerging stem was shaken and beaten by the turbulent wind of the world;

cut down severally by the double edged blade of vices, the root lived on as I sojourned.

Today’s tree is the consequence of an undying root


Simple as it seemed, the lifespan of a crayon diminish each time it is used

For a ten year old, Eucharistic mass at 5.30am meant the loss of sleep

To give or share is sacrificial; it entails parting with something – tangible or intangible

Giving without a premeditated reward, brings a related benefit down the road

Often unforeseen, it is the catalyst for finding help in your time of need

It presents as a seed waiting for harvest; an assurance policy that matures in due time

The giver receives because God remembers and responds.

                                                                                             Victor Sisan Awani (01-01-2011)

  Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2011 Victor Awani


A miracle on hold

You are a miracle; yes a miracle on hold. Acknowledge yourself and appreciate how blessed you

 are; speak and live your true value. Hurting as the world may seem, you are the hope of

someone. Bleak as it all appears, you hold the key to unchain another’s destiny. Look ahead

 of you; wandering down the road is someone waiting to be blessed, to be blessed by you.


A candle dimmed by the dark cloud of life; yet light to the tunnel of the neighbour next door.

 Look over your shoulder, take a demanding and realistic look, x-ray the four ends of the

 earth and give a dispassionate glance at the mirror; staring at you is a revelation waiting to be

discovered. Look the other way, lurking around not too distant is someone waiting to be

blessed; to be blessed by you.


  Loneliness reign and hover above, and emptiness like a rolling stone thunders down, a loved

 one gone forever; blown afar by the irreplaceable loss that is the end. Anguish and misery

 pervades the air; the atmosphere overwhelmed with helplessness, yet hopeful in a continent

 not long away is a thirsty mouth yearning to drink from your well of fresh water. Take a

 close look, standing assuredly is someone waiting to be blessed; to be blessed by you.


  A cherished union gone sour; the Judge’s gavel slam on the desk of divorce, and the pang of

 separation slice through the heart. Endless beads of salty water pour from the fountain of

 sight; the hurt no one can fathom. Turn the other way for in the vicinity is someone that

 holds you as favoured, saved from a vow that should never had been; someone waiting to be

 blessed, to be blessed by you.


  Distinct and wonderfully made, potentials untapped scramble for space within. Embrace

 the fullness of yourself; celebrate the gift that you carry. Challenges thrive daily and the

 rocks from the sling fly across the board; from the exalted throne at Vatican to Bill of the

 Gates clan, living spreads a fair share of bruises. Trip to the sick room or walk the breezy

 terrain of a cemetery; a leveller is none other than life. Look behind you, hopeful is someone

 waiting to be blessed; to be blessed by you.


 You are a miracle; yes a miracle on hold. Endowed with loads of blessings priceless and

 beneficial to many; prospects either unknown or underutilised lay ravaged in a field

 unexplored. Spread your gift, the little in your hand share. Successes or travails, touch and

 change a life with your story. Your morsel is a chunk to another; a penny from your

 pound is a lifeline to a human being somewhere. Unlock your blessings; be a vessel of joy to

 the heavy laden and poor. Like an orphan supporting a Orphanage, emphasise your God

 given value and overcome the limitation of challenges. Liberate yourself from yourself;

 refuse to be made worthless by your thoughts and fears. Look everywhere, there’s someone

 waiting to be blessed; to be blessed by you.

                                                        -  Victor & Jolomi Awani (16-11-2010)

  Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2010 Victor Awani


Outstretch your hand

A folded hand; hands closed and tucked away

Bereft of empathy, devoid of moral concern

Contempt for the needy, a scorn at their toil and groan

Conceals life, a dreadful denial of bread and sustenance.


Help deprived, expectation blown into oblivion

Ocean buried beneath ground; not one drop to wet the lip

Happiness withheld; indifference to the pangs of hunger

Scorched bowels squeal for attention; the absence of a meal.


Outstretch your hand; break the yoke, restore a life 

Release the lock; salvage a neighbour drowning in the sea of lack

Key into a pain and wipe the tear; give a portion and munch the rest

By His grace you received, freely give just as you were given.


Outstretch your hand; unfold it, lighten a burden 

Hold back nothing; give a hand with gladness

Be a conduit for survival; waste no chance at conferring hope

A giver receives more (Acts 20:35); a gift opens the way

Bless the poor, you will lack nothing; the reward spans eternity

Outstretch your hand; give life a sense.

                                        –  In His Grip,

                                           Victor Sisan Awani (29/09/2010)

  Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2010 Victor Awani


Giving a lease of life

No man had a choice in his creation by God, therefore, lets show empathy for the down trodden.

Nothing endures the test of time like the testimony of a grateful heart; a man rescued from the clutches of hopelessness and death.

Nothing propels the greatest satisfaction than instilling a smile on the lips of the hungry; giving a reassuring bounce to a weary heart; changing tear drops to showers of joy.

Nothing conveys the love of Christ like standing in the gap; giving a hand and sharing, eating a handful mindful that your neighbour may need a teaspoonful to get by for the day; displaying neighbourly attitude.

Nothing shall separate the fed and unfed, the privileged from the unpriviledged when the trumpet sounds. Therefore, lets proceed doing good; certain that no one is left behind; giving the trampled a lease of life; serving hope on the dinner table.