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Giving to receive

Still suckling, I swopped intermittently between crawling and walking

Stood on my little thin legs; quivering as I moved

A forlorn hope I thought, sustaining the quest for mobility;

until my tiny hands reached out in support to another’s tiny hand,

And together, leaning side by side we staggered along;

finding strength to go the distance.


Enrolled into what was called school; to give dad and mom a break

With crayon I scribbled everything, yet nothing made sense

Sharing my colours with Emmanuel – my classmate; call him playmate

I returned to school next day; my crayon somewhere under the sofa at home

Yet I made the day’s mess painting with crayon

Filling the gap was Emmanuel; because he shared his crayon with me.


Aged ten and spending quality time for God,

I travelled within the community with Reverend Father Donning – an Irish priest;

as an ‘altar boy’, serving at 5.30am celebration of the Eucharist mass.

The fear of God was ingrained; it found an early root in the recesses of the heart

Although the emerging stem was shaken and beaten by the turbulent wind of the world;

cut down severally by the double edged blade of vices, the root lived on as I sojourned.

Today’s tree is the consequence of an undying root


Simple as it seemed, the lifespan of a crayon diminish each time it is used

For a ten year old, Eucharistic mass at 5.30am meant the loss of sleep

To give or share is sacrificial; it entails parting with something – tangible or intangible

Giving without a premeditated reward, brings a related benefit down the road

Often unforeseen, it is the catalyst for finding help in your time of need

It presents as a seed waiting for harvest; an assurance policy that matures in due time

The giver receives because God remembers and responds.

                                                                                             Victor Sisan Awani (01-01-2011)

  Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2011 Victor Awani

2 Responses to “Giving to receive”

  • Jo:

    “We must not only give what we have; we must also give what we are” – Joseph Mercier.
    There’s always something to give; our intangible giftings are worth more than money can buy. – Jolomi Awani

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