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Live your best

Find it gain and be driven to live the best of God in you

In your walk with Jesus the Christ to be alive like He lived

In your family to illuminate the path of peace and cooperation  

In your community to be a model for shared coexistence

In your relationships to be the person you seek in others

In your career to attain the optimal mindful another has a right to it

In speaking to be subtle and courteous even as you listen

In your finances to be prudent and charitable just as you are given

In buying or selling to negotiate bargains with consideration for others

At work to give your all so as to receive the all of another in due season

In seeking forgiveness to let off those who crave your drowning

Beyond the Church to live the precept by doing the word

In living daily to live at all times and in all places your best


                                                     In His grip

                                                     Jolomi Olayemi Awani

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