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Archive for December 2010

Giving to receive

Still suckling, I swopped intermittently between crawling and walking

Stood on my little thin legs; quivering as I moved

A forlorn hope I thought, sustaining the quest for mobility;

until my tiny hands reached out in support to another’s tiny hand,

And together, leaning side by side we staggered along;

finding strength to go the distance.


Enrolled into what was called school; to give dad and mom a break

With crayon I scribbled everything, yet nothing made sense

Sharing my colours with Emmanuel – my classmate; call him playmate

I returned to school next day; my crayon somewhere under the sofa at home

Yet I made the day’s mess painting with crayon

Filling the gap was Emmanuel; because he shared his crayon with me.


Aged ten and spending quality time for God,

I travelled within the community with Reverend Father Donning – an Irish priest;

as an ‘altar boy’, serving at 5.30am celebration of the Eucharist mass.

The fear of God was ingrained; it found an early root in the recesses of the heart

Although the emerging stem was shaken and beaten by the turbulent wind of the world;

cut down severally by the double edged blade of vices, the root lived on as I sojourned.

Today’s tree is the consequence of an undying root


Simple as it seemed, the lifespan of a crayon diminish each time it is used

For a ten year old, Eucharistic mass at 5.30am meant the loss of sleep

To give or share is sacrificial; it entails parting with something – tangible or intangible

Giving without a premeditated reward, brings a related benefit down the road

Often unforeseen, it is the catalyst for finding help in your time of need

It presents as a seed waiting for harvest; an assurance policy that matures in due time

The giver receives because God remembers and responds.

                                                                                             Victor Sisan Awani (01-01-2011)

  Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2011 Victor Awani


‘Christ’ and his ‘Mas’ (2)

As outlaws and stiff-necked we travelled, leaving behind a trail of misdeeds

Head and mind clouded and bereft of knowledge; the greatest noise we made

Misconduct enjoyed a good presence, creating casualties everywhere

Wickedness and mischief brazen and bold, wrapped with ribbons were spread

Obstinacy and pride struggled for dominance; hardened hearts dug into trenches

And traffic was heightened down the wrong road.


Blindfolded by self we trudged along

Hauling with affliction our luggage of unrighteousness

Wobbled as we went with tired legs weakened without end

Leaning forward, saddled with burden felt but unseen

Mouth agape, everything was said yet no one heard us

Shoulders dropped with pain; and arms went up in surrender.


Wallowing in heat; a collective cry echoed for intervention

The Almighty angered by an unruly people, pondered in his mercy seat

Shifting ground to behold his creation with compassion; opting to ‘give’

He relinquished all he had; gave the ‘only one’ for the sake of humanity

Settled the ransom to enthrone eternity; a life that run through time

A peaceful continuity after earth’s turbulent sojourn.


Christ was born to pay the price; burden of an unrighteous humanity to bear

Flawless and without transgression, yet made blameworthy

Stood in the gap; despised, docked and persecuted for our sin

The wreath of thorns; the reddened marks from whips

Nails pierced through the tissue of love; the yoke of the cross

Wounded, bruised and chastised; atonement for our wrong.


Victory over sin and death; with his stripes came healing

Reconciled back to our maker; fresh and new again

Guilt as scarlet washed away; like snow the white is felt

The iron grip of iniquity broken; freedom return home

Hope was reborn; eternity is within eyesight

Salvation bought with a price we celebrate.

                                                                     Victor & Jolomi Awani (29-12-2010)  

  Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2011 Victor Awani


‘Christ’ and his ‘Mas’ (1)

CHRISTMAS  is neither a time nor season;

it’s about hope reborn.

A lifeline from God;

to help us regain our childlike innocence,

through fellowship with His son Jesus Christ.

As we celebrate this glorious intervention,

we wish you peace and joy in the spirit of –

‘CHRIST’ and his ‘MAS’ (mission for atonement and salvation).  



From all of us at Life Seeds,

                   Victor & Jolomi Awani