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Refrain from hypocrisy

It is no longer in contention that the world is experiencing a moral free-fall. The fears of both the known and imagined conjoin to pervade the wind of confusion, despair, helplessness, and desperation.


Every facet of society has its fair share of blame; whether as direct contributors or by acquiescence. However, for people of faith - the leaders and those they lead, the time to cut down on talking or oration and rather live-out what is written or preached is now.


Anyone good with words can recount and paraphrase the scriptures; but the God we profess to follow did more good for all to see than He spoke. Commit today to eschew conceitedness and greed, demonstrate forgiveness and love, show genuine concern for the plight of others, help those in need, overtly identify with justice, speak up against societal ills, exemplify gratitude, give more than you would take – your time, love, empathy, concern, voice, endowments, substance…


It didn’t require upfront remittances for the 5,000 bitterly hungry to be fed, or blind Bartimaeus at the roadside to regain his sight. There weren’t any mundane exchanges for the thirsty at Samaria to drink of the well of living water. No contractual arrangement was actioned for Simon of Cyrene to bear the cross of crucifixion, or Joseph of Arimathea to donate his tomb. But for love nothing propelled God’s selfless giving of His son. This widespread and disconcerting hypocrisy must stop!


                                                                         In His Grip,

                                                                         Victor Sisan Awani


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