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Giving a lease of life

No man had a choice in his creation by God, therefore, lets show empathy for the down trodden.

Nothing endures the test of time like the testimony of a grateful heart; a man rescued from the clutches of hopelessness and death.

Nothing propels the greatest satisfaction than instilling a smile on the lips of the hungry; giving a reassuring bounce to a weary heart; changing tear drops to showers of joy.

Nothing conveys the love of Christ like standing in the gap; giving a hand and sharing, eating a handful mindful that your neighbour may need a teaspoonful to get by for the day; displaying neighbourly attitude.

Nothing shall separate the fed and unfed, the privileged from the unpriviledged when the trumpet sounds. Therefore, lets proceed doing good; certain that no one is left behind; giving the trampled a lease of life; serving hope on the dinner table.

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  • admin:

    The lenght of Life is without a timeframe; and the end is inevitable. Do not be fooled! God is a leveller. What we give to life outlives us; not what we take from it. God – the creator ‘gave’ His son -Jesus Christ who inturn ‘gave’ Himself for our salvation. ‘Giving’ up sin, ‘giving’ our life to Christ, and ‘giving’ a hand to the needy constitute the key to eternity.
    – Sisan

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