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April 2024
Today’s Bible Verse 22.04.2024
And Samuel said, Hath the LORD as great delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices, as in obeying the voice of the LORD? Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice, and to hearken than the fat of rams. — 1 Samuel 15:22 (KJV)
Bible Reading Plan

A miracle on hold

You are a miracle; yes a miracle on hold. Acknowledge yourself and appreciate how blessed you

 are; speak and live your true value. Hurting as the world may seem, you are the hope of

someone. Bleak as it all appears, you hold the key to unchain another’s destiny. Look ahead

 of you; wandering down the road is someone waiting to be blessed, to be blessed by you.


A candle dimmed by the dark cloud of life; yet light to the tunnel of the neighbour next door.

 Look over your shoulder, take a demanding and realistic look, x-ray the four ends of the

 earth and give a dispassionate glance at the mirror; staring at you is a revelation waiting to be

discovered. Look the other way, lurking around not too distant is someone waiting to be

blessed; to be blessed by you.


  Loneliness reign and hover above, and emptiness like a rolling stone thunders down, a loved

 one gone forever; blown afar by the irreplaceable loss that is the end. Anguish and misery

 pervades the air; the atmosphere overwhelmed with helplessness, yet hopeful in a continent

 not long away is a thirsty mouth yearning to drink from your well of fresh water. Take a

 close look, standing assuredly is someone waiting to be blessed; to be blessed by you.


  A cherished union gone sour; the Judge’s gavel slam on the desk of divorce, and the pang of

 separation slice through the heart. Endless beads of salty water pour from the fountain of

 sight; the hurt no one can fathom. Turn the other way for in the vicinity is someone that

 holds you as favoured, saved from a vow that should never had been; someone waiting to be

 blessed, to be blessed by you.


  Distinct and wonderfully made, potentials untapped scramble for space within. Embrace

 the fullness of yourself; celebrate the gift that you carry. Challenges thrive daily and the

 rocks from the sling fly across the board; from the exalted throne at Vatican to Bill of the

 Gates clan, living spreads a fair share of bruises. Trip to the sick room or walk the breezy

 terrain of a cemetery; a leveller is none other than life. Look behind you, hopeful is someone

 waiting to be blessed; to be blessed by you.


 You are a miracle; yes a miracle on hold. Endowed with loads of blessings priceless and

 beneficial to many; prospects either unknown or underutilised lay ravaged in a field

 unexplored. Spread your gift, the little in your hand share. Successes or travails, touch and

 change a life with your story. Your morsel is a chunk to another; a penny from your

 pound is a lifeline to a human being somewhere. Unlock your blessings; be a vessel of joy to

 the heavy laden and poor. Like an orphan supporting a Orphanage, emphasise your God

 given value and overcome the limitation of challenges. Liberate yourself from yourself;

 refuse to be made worthless by your thoughts and fears. Look everywhere, there’s someone

 waiting to be blessed; to be blessed by you.

                                                        -  Victor & Jolomi Awani (16-11-2010)

  Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2010 Victor Awani

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