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Living by giving

Giving shares a life 

Depriving self of the whole to keep a piece

Passing-on what the flesh yearn to retain

An act that subtract at dusk

A sacrifice rewarding at dawn


Giving spreads love

Dispersing boundless care for others

Generosity amidst personal craving

Blind to the failings of greed and egotism

Bridging boundaries of lack and plenty


Giving brings health to the body

Like a convivial alley of bliss

A soothing wind that caress the soul

Drawing strength from the lifted life of another

We power on bloated by the joy we extend


Giving is an exercise in goodness

A need creates the burden to share

Prompted by a facilitator on His throne

The giver touches a receiver

A glorious life we live when we give


                                                         -  In His grip,

                                                            Victor S. Awani

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