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The crown of God



   Hope adorn the firmament

   Words extol its splendour

   All could see the glory

   As hearts leap in amazement


   The journey into eternity

   Sufficient for many lifetime

   Everything adding-up in shape

   Two dancing the songs of gratitude


   Fulfilment glow within sight

   Joy entrenched in bones

   Trudging ahead mouths agape

   And grapple how to carry the blessings


Enter the wind of rage

As ugly king of hell frowns

Venom of pain spills to annihilate

Dryness prevail as tears rain in the desert


Heaven rouses to shield the broken

Spikes of evil kaput beyond salvage

Pillar of despair drowned by favour

Assured victory certain to reign


One and five miles down the path

A tiny smile salutes mother earth

Howling a baggage of love and grace

The crown of God that fit

                                                         -  In His Grip

                                                            Jolomi Olayemi Awani

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