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The Judgment Seat of God

Psalms 83-18 

 This is neither the United Nations Security Council,

 Nor is it the immune club of its privileged overlords,

 Polar apart with Hague’s International Criminal Court,

 Matchless variance with European Court of Justice,

 Distinct from the apex court of any known nation,

 Heavenly Authority it is to which all of man is subject.


The jurisdiction in its entirety belong to God,

The arena where truth found its origin and bide,

Beyond the deception of emotion and perversion,

Free from the vagaries of human limitation and bigotry,

A place of nakedness as revealed to Him alone,

Where the hidden is laid bare like sunlight.


The silent shout of no plea is entered,

Time guzzling theatrics of a courtroom unseen,

Mortal advocacy and submission has no place,

His determination predate any appearance

As man queue naked before his maker,

Foreknown is everything buried in his earthly dark.


Feel the pulse before the gavel is dropped,

Take a step back in time to search the soul,

Unravelling filthy blanks waiting to be filled,

Atone and erase the scorching guilt of disobedience,

The invisible joy of salvation a carrier become,

Hebrews 9:27 is undisguised:

“It is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment.”


                                   -      In His grip

                                         Victor Sisan Awani


Live the Word


   The word that is God

   A flawless truth that save

   Streaming from Him who is knowledge

   The custodian of timeless wisdom

   Embodiment of rounded exactness


   A complete recipe for living

   Foretells the hurdles that line the path

   Sheds light on the disguised trenches

   A marker depicting safe directions

   Guiding jerky steps all the way


A healing balm without season

Washes clean the dirt of iniquity

Soothes the pain of guilt

Forgives the repentant heart

And reassures life to a willing soul


The ceaseless fire that consumes

Admonish recalcitrant defaulters

Flattens monstrous armies of evil

Crushes the arrow of wickedness

Consigns satan to the endless pit


It acquaints all with the gift

The messianic token that gives life

Perseverate in saving seekers

An example in charge-less love

The roadmap for selfless giving


The epitome of love and sacrifice

Compassion without condition

Defender of the downtrodden

Place of restoration for the lost

A sinless death that enthroned life


Live out the hallowed word of God

Eternal loads of good are its teaching

Tutelage that facilitate true change

A lifestyle of enduring newness

Bringing liberty now and hereafter


                                     In His grip

                                    Jolomi Olayemi Awani


The crown of God



   Hope adorn the firmament

   Words extol its splendour

   All could see the glory

   As hearts leap in amazement


   The journey into eternity

   Sufficient for many lifetime

   Everything adding-up in shape

   Two dancing the songs of gratitude


   Fulfilment glow within sight

   Joy entrenched in bones

   Trudging ahead mouths agape

   And grapple how to carry the blessings


Enter the wind of rage

As ugly king of hell frowns

Venom of pain spills to annihilate

Dryness prevail as tears rain in the desert


Heaven rouses to shield the broken

Spikes of evil kaput beyond salvage

Pillar of despair drowned by favour

Assured victory certain to reign


One and five miles down the path

A tiny smile salutes mother earth

Howling a baggage of love and grace

The crown of God that fit

                                                         -  In His Grip

                                                            Jolomi Olayemi Awani


In want of Knowledge

The world beseech for knowledge; not vain values enforced by parents on their

brood, or knowledge as handed down by professors, sledgehammer wielding

bankers, the blurred pens of journalists, and the dicey lips of politicians.


The world hanker after knowledge; not as strained through our ears by the

boom of guns, debauchery disguised by television, deception disseminated

by enchanters and sorcerers, or knowledge as foretold by the positioning of

the moon and stars.


The world yearn for knowledge; not the conflicting theories on climate

change shared by scientists, the erratic and flawed outcomes from scans

and crystal balls, greed decorated by profit mongers, or solution

defying data from straw-grasping economic scholars and bailout apologists.


The world desire knowledge; not the semblance of unity in the disunited

comity of nations, or knowledge conceived, shredded and stitched together

by policymakers, or as read and misread by toupee wearers and their

forerbears – the courts.


The world sulk for knowledge; all-inclusive and greater kind of knowledge,

the absence of which portent turmoil. Knowledge supreme to the judgment

and limitation of man, rooted in unfailing love, truth, shared and

common existence.


The world need knowledge; that transcend the pettiness of pigment,

tribe and tongue, that which will have you do to your neighbour as you

would want him do to you. The knowledge that bond and unify people, devoid

of selfishness, hate, bitterness, strive, the wanton threat of harm, and

undeserved death itself.


The world is in want of God; the knowledge that can save, deliver and

reconcile. Heavenly knowledge that guarantee eternal life; not as defined by

man, but by Him who is over and above all His creation. The awareness of

peace in the midst of storm, sufficiency albeit the dinner table lay

bare, assured victory that flows from the stream of faith.  A knowledge

that commence with the functional fear of God; that which facilitate an experience

of the Father through His Son – Jesus Christ.

                                                                – Victor & Jolomi Awani (16-11-2010)

  Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2010 Victor Awani


Threading the opposite path

You were made in the image and likeness of God, ordained to reign in the earth as king-priest (Rev. 5:10),

yet it is possible to miss yourself; walking as though sightless, at variance with who you are.


You miss yourself: when you walk away from your kingship,

oblivious of what you are; lost on who you were made to be.


Living at cross purpose with His intent; in contradiction with divine will,

heading north to a slum, when a palace lay waste down south;


Flying the banner of the world, 

a proud holder of season ticket; running commentary on the round leather over a chilled pint,

the ‘Word of Life’ consigned to desolation in a bookshelf.


Ferociously tight – lipped with mind foreclosed to the ‘Living Truth’,

paying allegiance to no one but self; defining your relevance by vain titles and status garnered,

life’s success miserably measured by rectangular papers stacked in vaults and printed statements.


Self takes centre stage, and your sense of ‘a neighbour’ narrowed to family relatives,

when your vision captures only your shadow.


You miss yourself, when your values and practices are at odds with the will and purpose of God for you,

when like an undiscerning sheep you stray from the shepherd; threading the opposite path.


                                                                                                                      – Victor Sisan Awani (07/09/2010)



  Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2010 Victor Awani


Pathway to adulthood

The harvest is a product of the seed; an outcome of what was sowed.

An adult is the offshoot of the child; a reflection of what was instilled

He can only give what he has; therefore:

Bring up a child with mockery; and you find an adult who is timid

Bring up a child with deprivation; and you find an adult who is insecure

Bring up a child with abuse; and you find an adult who is bitter and hate

Bring up a child with vilification; and you find an adult who despise

Bring up a child with reproach; and you find an adult who feel guilty

Bring up a child with correction; and you find an adult exuding moral values

Bring up a child with physical force; and you find an adult who is aggressive

Bring up a child with care; and you find an adult who has a sense of self-worth

Bring up a child in disobedience; and you find an adult who is at odds with ethics

Bring up a child with encouragement; and you find an adult who is inspired

Bring up a child with thoughtfulness; and you find an adult who is considerate

Bring up a child with commendation; and you find an adult who is thankful

Bring up a child with moderation; and you find an adult who is humble

Bring up a child with fairness; and you find an adult who project justice

Bring up a child with commitment; and you find an adult who trust

Bring up a child with recognition; and you find an adult who has self-esteem

Bring up a child with affection; and you find an adult who love

Bring up a child with ‘giving’; and you find an adult who is kind and share

Bring up a child with thanksgiving; and you find an adult who show gratitude

Bring up a child with the fear of God; and you find an adult who has wisdom

Bring up a child in the way of the Lord; and you find an adult attached to the

‘true vine’ (John 15: 1-8)

Find an adult clinging to the ‘true vine’; and you will see a new creature (2 Cor. 5:17).

                                                                          – Jolomi O. Awani (16-04-2010)

  Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2010 Victor Awani


The masquerades’

When the Bible referred to the heart of man as deceitful and desperately wicked

(Jeremiah 17:9), there were no classifications or specifics on the said ‘man’. Generally,

the reference to ‘man’ cuts across the broad spectrum of mankind. In other words,

all of man has the tendency for wickedness or evil deeds if by commission or omission

their hearts become a fertile ground for evil to thrive.


Today the world is replete with sworn enemies masquerading as friends; mask wearers

mimicking a genial host. Wickedness is embellished; adorned with skin-deep cordiality.

Impersonators’ come in the name of God or ‘their gods’ to deceive; many turn away from

the faith, betraying and hating each other; and false prophets perform great signs and 

wonders to deceive even the chosen…. This painful reality is evocative of the end time

(Mathew 24:5-24). There are no holds barred to what atrocity man can perpetuate, so

much so that the atheist may wonder at the abominable and atrocious deeds of ‘some’ 

professed people of faith who claim to love light yet live in darkness; lions in sheeps’ clothing.  


Be alert and vigilant for the devil lurks around, usually in unexpected places and times.

Whether in the church, mosque, temple, workplace, school or pub, the devil has no first

or surname; it has no identity or fixed address. The devil could be anything or anyone

and can be anywhere at anytime; it is simply the prowling lion looking for someone to

devour. That Jesus Christ admonished his disciples to ‘watch and pray so as not to fall

into temptation’, underscore the need to have our back against the wall when it comes to

fighting off the devil - evident in human form, the absence of knowledge or otherwise.

No spiritual effort must be spared; no physical stone should be left unturned.


These are dangerous and uncertain times and the masquerades’ are everywhere.

Undoubtedly, we live in the precarious age when evildoers have raised their game. 

Whether the enemy manifests as man or a destructive indulgence, we contend with a

period of hightened temptation and evil in the world. The antidote is a honest encounter

with God; staying in active fellowship with Him and measuring our actions with His word.  

Entering the kingdom of God is not about becoming born again, but remaining born again.


                                                                                      – Victor Sisan Awani (24/04/2010)


  Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2010 Victor Awani