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The masquerades’

When the Bible referred to the heart of man as deceitful and desperately wicked

(Jeremiah 17:9), there were no classifications or specifics on the said ‘man’. Generally,

the reference to ‘man’ cuts across the broad spectrum of mankind. In other words,

all of man has the tendency for wickedness or evil deeds if by commission or omission

their hearts become a fertile ground for evil to thrive.


Today the world is replete with sworn enemies masquerading as friends; mask wearers

mimicking a genial host. Wickedness is embellished; adorned with skin-deep cordiality.

Impersonators’ come in the name of God or ‘their gods’ to deceive; many turn away from

the faith, betraying and hating each other; and false prophets perform great signs and 

wonders to deceive even the chosen…. This painful reality is evocative of the end time

(Mathew 24:5-24). There are no holds barred to what atrocity man can perpetuate, so

much so that the atheist may wonder at the abominable and atrocious deeds of ‘some’ 

professed people of faith who claim to love light yet live in darkness; lions in sheeps’ clothing.  


Be alert and vigilant for the devil lurks around, usually in unexpected places and times.

Whether in the church, mosque, temple, workplace, school or pub, the devil has no first

or surname; it has no identity or fixed address. The devil could be anything or anyone

and can be anywhere at anytime; it is simply the prowling lion looking for someone to

devour. That Jesus Christ admonished his disciples to ‘watch and pray so as not to fall

into temptation’, underscore the need to have our back against the wall when it comes to

fighting off the devil - evident in human form, the absence of knowledge or otherwise.

No spiritual effort must be spared; no physical stone should be left unturned.


These are dangerous and uncertain times and the masquerades’ are everywhere.

Undoubtedly, we live in the precarious age when evildoers have raised their game. 

Whether the enemy manifests as man or a destructive indulgence, we contend with a

period of hightened temptation and evil in the world. The antidote is a honest encounter

with God; staying in active fellowship with Him and measuring our actions with His word.  

Entering the kingdom of God is not about becoming born again, but remaining born again.


                                                                                      – Victor Sisan Awani (24/04/2010)


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