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Archive for 7 September 2010

Threading the opposite path

You were made in the image and likeness of God, ordained to reign in the earth as king-priest (Rev. 5:10),

yet it is possible to miss yourself; walking as though sightless, at variance with who you are.


You miss yourself: when you walk away from your kingship,

oblivious of what you are; lost on who you were made to be.


Living at cross purpose with His intent; in contradiction with divine will,

heading north to a slum, when a palace lay waste down south;


Flying the banner of the world, 

a proud holder of season ticket; running commentary on the round leather over a chilled pint,

the ‘Word of Life’ consigned to desolation in a bookshelf.


Ferociously tight – lipped with mind foreclosed to the ‘Living Truth’,

paying allegiance to no one but self; defining your relevance by vain titles and status garnered,

life’s success miserably measured by rectangular papers stacked in vaults and printed statements.


Self takes centre stage, and your sense of ‘a neighbour’ narrowed to family relatives,

when your vision captures only your shadow.


You miss yourself, when your values and practices are at odds with the will and purpose of God for you,

when like an undiscerning sheep you stray from the shepherd; threading the opposite path.


                                                                                                                      – Victor Sisan Awani (07/09/2010)



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