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Christmas! A fresh beginning for mankind

The precious breath to start anew

An excursion to redeem

To find and liberate the mislaid.


A reversal of time

Age and status jettisoned

The time to be like a child

Thinking, talking and loving as a toddler.


 The joy a manger kid brings

Godliness and innocence personified

The smile that disarms evil

A hug that is pure and true.


Sacrifice immeasurable

The gift to a depraved world

Benevolence undeserved

The love that ushered eternity.


Friendship unblemished

Taking nothing; giving everything

Sharing without strings

From a kind to a grateful heart.


Christmas is forgiveness exemplified  

A commitment to compassion

Serene presence of a soothing heart

The gift that gives ALWAYS.



                                                     In His grip,

                                                    Victor & Jolomi Awani (13-12-2011)

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