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April 2024
Today’s Bible Verse 22.04.2024
Obey them that have the rule over you, and submit yourselves: for they watch for your souls, as they that must give account, that they may do it with joy, and not with grief: for that is unprofitable for you. — Hebrews 13:17 (KJV)
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Prayer zone

In solidarity with Shepherds’ and Flocks’

From the human and narrow perspective, the challenges faced in your

daily walk with Christ could be off-putting to say the least. But believe it or

not, it’s all part of the divine pathway to the realization of God’s purpose for

you. Whilst your focus is heaven, your workplace is here on earth; laden

with wickedness, unimaginable treachery and imperfections.


As people of God, there are realities or challenges relevant to the

‘workplace’, the ‘harvest-place’ if you like, that God allows so we can

experience ‘the world’  firsthand; and not through the pages of books or the

deceitful and misleading misrepresentations associated with man. As is

commonplace with all mortal beings, you are also susceptible to mistakes or

wrong judgments; whether innocent or otherwise, that you must learn from.


As the Lord order your steps, He may lead you in a circle but He will not

lead you off beam. The Bible is replete with men of God who faced untold

challenges in the course of discharging their assignment. Great favour

attracts great challenges; but the ultimate victory is not in starting or

running the race, but in breasting the tape at the finish line. To the

foolishness of the wicked, these challenges are divinely allowed for a blessed

and triumphant outcome. Embarking on the ‘great commission’ is not a

bread and butter endeavour; and the Lord will always tutelage and prepare

His people for the onerous task ahead.


It is instructive that Hosea at the prompting of God took for wife, Gomer – a

woman of easy virtue. Arguably, he may not have elected to walk that path

by his own leading. The travails of David even in the hands of King Saul to

whom he was subservient speak volume. But it was a painful but necessary

pill preparatory to becoming a great king and one dear to the heart of God.

Let us not be unmindful of the persecution of the Church and early

Christians as the Bible accounts in Acts 8. It was an agonizing means to a

glorious end. The resultant rapid spread of the word of God was its direct

consequence; a fallout that depicted a glorious dawn after a bitter spell of



Assignments are determined by God and discovered by us. Our prayer is

that the good Lord should lead His people through this faint path of

discovery. We are confident that the challenges you presently contend with

are not walls but doors to your next season. However, whether as shepherd

or flock be mindful that there are locations and people that you are

completely unnecessary to. Whilst in the waterway, refrain from swimming

upstream; stay in the flow of God. The battle is the Lord’s and victory is as

certain as day and night.

                                                        - Victor & Jolomi Awani (30/09/2010)

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