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Archive for 7 May 2013

AGE: “All Going Empty”

Literally “AGE” is the passage of time dealing with the length of existence. The online resource,, define it as “…a period of human life measured by years from birth marked by

a degree of mental or physical development.” However in the context used here it sums up the

period spanning from birth to demise and lessons taught by the certainty of the latter.


Although it conveys a tangible value through the message it brings to bear, “AGE” is nonetheless

perceived by many as mere combination of numbers that add-up by the day. To this group little

or no weight is placed on the cessation of time as it relates to individual existence and construed

in this piece.


As a progression of time the trajectory of “AGE” can only be in a forward direction bereft of 

reversal or recline. Accordingly we progress in our chosen endeavour by exerting enormous

energy: mental, physical and spiritual to transpose from one point to another in the twisty

podium of life. In other words a great amount of attention is paid to activities directed at

driving dreams and bringing goals to fruition.


Let us spend some moment to reflect on the common voyage that “AGE” defines. A tour that begins

with a baby’s convulsive cry and the management of early days. The mobile observatory parents become

as they witness and support their baby crawl, see the first steps carried off the walker, scuffle through

the process of weaning and hear the initial sensible words emitting from a drooling mouth. 


Mention must be made of the dreadful worries visited on parents when kids are poorly. The

man-hours worked to ensure that the pangs of hunger are far from the dining room. The resources

guzzled by the process of learning commencing with mastering the alphabets and numerical figures.

The exuberance and vulnerability of teenage years and the migraine attacks endured by parents or

guardians  as they labour to instil moderation.  


Subsequently adult life enthrones a measure of independence as the child trudges away to start a fresh

circle. The cloak of singleness is shed as new branches sprout out in the family tree. Inexorably children

become adults even as their offspring live out the same circle. Together generations stride through time

as they cover their respective distances.  


In due seasons, gradually but surely we all become elderly as agility retires to the back stage. Degeneration

assume a place of prominence as everything drags at the speed of snail. The new outlook is a function of

time; the ever moving trend that carries to the end all that lie on its path. This is the mutual goodbye that all

mortal must bid the world; and anyone who otherwise has an “indefinite leave to remain” is at liberty to

contest this truth.


Regardless of differences that may exist, the relevance of earthly attainments should be measured

against the inevitability of a mortal end. Given attitudes as we know them, it is obvious that people

struggle to appreciate the message that “AGE” disseminates as if life is without end. This lifestyle

inform the chaotic entity the world has become and etches a question mark on the mental prominence

of the human specie.


In a bid to boost material and social status which by their nature add no value at the finish line, humans

commit to strife and bitter contest. Driven by discontentment, covetousness and inordinate quest for

power and dominance, the ability to decipher between right and wrong or necessity and vainness are lost

in the cloud. The heart of man has become so mean to the extent that no evil act is off the table. Conscience

and civility are now words that largely exist in the pages of a dictionary.


The world continues to witness the suffering of innocent people of all gender, age and persuasion who

are consumed in senseless violence orchestrated by bigots and despots. In certain regions of the world

lives are cut short in a fierce bid to control the market for illicit substances as though life itself depend

on them.


In a broad sense it is correct to say that the cohesive spirit of “family” has turbidly eroded.  Relatives 

pretentiously carry on as such; even those who claim some measure of righteousness (whether as leaders

or the led) in places of worship have remained at daggers drawn, sometimes in the inner recesses of their

hearts wishing the other never lived. Many who consider themselves friends and acquaintances have

perfidiously betrayed relationships, spitefully vented wickedness, tainted reputations and coveted what

rightly belong to their neighbour.


 A sizeable chunk of humanity has lost their moral compass and unashamedly clamour for indulgencies

that even lesser beings – animals and birds of the air would never be caught dead doing. In today’s world

varying dimensions of abnormalities and absurdities are glorified as acceptable standard of values in the

name of human rights and equality.


It is apt to ask where the world is headed? Although the message of “AGE” has increasingly lost its impartation

as humans become vainer, all of man must unavoidably live out its truth. At the finish line, “AGE” remain a

leveller and true equality is enthroned as all appear subject to the same Judge and on the same terms. At such

time, it ceases to matter who ate the main course or crumb on earth.


Embrace the silent message of AGE (All Going Empty) and live for the greater good of society. People are not

remembered for what they had, but for the good or bad they did. A good name earned from good deeds is

the tag that will outlive you as all else is ultimately counted trivial. “Everyone comes naked from their

mother’s womb, and as everyone comes, so they depart. They take nothing from their toil that they can

carry in their hands” – Ecclesiastes 5:15.

 1Timothy 6:7 pointly sums up the message: “For we brought nothing into the world, and we can take nothing

out of it.”  


                                                                                                             –   In His Grip,

                                                                                                                  Victor Sisan Awani